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Employing Veterans

Today, we commemorate 70 years since the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. We also celebrated Veteran’s Day last month. Therefore, it seems only fitting to discuss employing veterans today—both military veterans of Vietnam and more recent conflicts, … Continue reading

Employee Training

Your business is only as good as its employees’ skills and knowledge. Constant training is crucial to success in our rapidly changing economy. Every year, new technologies are introduced that replace old ones, render skill sets obsolete, and sometimes replace … Continue reading

Getting Started on Your HR Strategy

We have just finished a five-part series about the basics of an HR strategy. In that series, we covered: Equal employment opportunity laws and hiring Compensation, performance appraisals, and discipline Work-life balance Working with recruiting agencies Outsourcing HR to ASOs … Continue reading

Your HR Strategy: Part 5 | Outsourcing HR to ASOs and PEOs

Did you understand the acronyms in the title of this post? Let us explain them. Before you can make a smart decision on outsourcing your human resources activities to a third party, you need to understand two different types of … Continue reading

Your HR Strategy: Part 4 | Working with Recruiting Agencies

Every business needs to select the right people for the job. Success or failure is often determined by having the right people on the team. In fact, many experts advise getting the right people before determining the right strategy. After … Continue reading

Your HR Strategy: Part 3 | Work-Life Balance

A bursting topic in the board room is the demand for better work-life balance. An unhealthy work-life balance is bad news for any company because of the resulting loss of employee productivity and loyalty. It is crucial to create a … Continue reading

Your HR Strategy: Part 2 | Motivating Employees

People are a unique resource. You have no direct control over their behavior, and you cannot manage them like physical or intellectual assets. Because of this, you must have a well-planned strategy in place to make your employees feel valued … Continue reading

Your HR Strategy: Part 1 | Bringing Personnel In

The most important resources in any business are the people that make it happen. Managing those people—whether they are executives, staff, specialists, production personnel, or custodians—is a crucial part of making a business successful. Your business cannot exist without them, … Continue reading

Your Company – A Natural Culture or Purposefully Groomed?

I have always been fascinated by the art of bonsai gardening. In bonsai, the artist uses many tools and techniques to craft and guide the natural tendencies of the tree to create something beautiful and elegant. By planting the trees … Continue reading

Knowledge is the New Commodity, Wisdom is the New Rarity.

Have you ever considered how much information you can access at any given moment? Access to information has been around for a long time. Once, you could once travel to the library in Alexandria and access what was then all … Continue reading

People Will Always Be the Greatest Asset

Computers, ledgers, manufacturing lines, buildings, phones, and people. Until the robot revolution takes over the work of your business, you know what your best asset is; or rather, who your best asset is. Human beings – on a global and … Continue reading

Administration vs. Talent Management

Long ago companies had one person do a lot of different things; now, a lot of people do their own things really well. We are constantly seeing jobs dissected and specialities emerge from a wide rang of job functions. The … Continue reading

Create a Bright Future

As companies continue to grow, the demands of your human resources will become more time-consuming and complex. At proHR, though, we can help you manage salaries and pay grades, track health and retirement benefits, manage your training, and optimize your … Continue reading