Administration vs. Talent Management

Long ago companies had one person do a lot of different things; now, a lot of people do their own things really well. We are constantly seeing jobs dissected and specialities emerge from a wide rang of job functions. The renaissance man (or woman) has been replaced by the specialist. It is no different in the field of Human Resources.

A lot of what once was done in Human Resources is being dissected into one of two functions: HR administration and strategic talent management. In one, you see the day-to-day grind of managing the piles of paperwork, and other work, that keeps the business moving and keeps the lawyers off their backs. In the other you see HR trying to “get a seat at the table” in maximizing their expertise as the people who know how to develop their talent to maximize the revenues and ensure a long future of excellence for their company. A problem with these two functions is that administrative HR functions often get in the way – temporally, mentally, and functionally – of the innovation required to effectively manage the talent in many companies. And it’s only going to get worse.

Companies are seeing increasing progress into a highly technological world, a shift in the way employees do their job, and the need for innovation in all areas of business. If it hasn’t happened already, your HR department will find a greater need to offload the administrative work so you can focus on the strategic work of talent management.

Where once you had an HR department doing administrative paperwork, you will now have an HR services company who knows how to maximize the efficiency of HR administration do the mundane functions of HR. That way your HR department will focus on the precious work of strategic talent management. Then, good companies will become better.

Now is the time to make the change, now is the time to put your power where it ought to be.

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