Chairman of Green Tea Party National Committee

Company: Green Tea Party National Committee
Location: Washington, DC

Title: Chairman
Job Description:


Uphold the Party Platform

Chairman is to be cognizant of and uphold the Green Tea Party’s platform. This includes educating others about party values and organizing committees that will assist in this goal.  Must also create or maintain a lower-level infrastructure of party officers who can work toward this objective on a state or regional level.

Direct Party operations and relationships

Chairman provides guidance and leadership message, fundraising, and political strategy.  Chairman will also build and maintain strong relationships with State Party leaders, allied 3rd party groups, and other niche groups.  Chairman also sets agendas and policies for the Party.

Recruit and Support Good Candidates

Chairman works closely with political candidates to ensure that the right candidate has the strongest possible party support. This includes the duty to find qualified and appropriate candidates to run for offices if no one steps forward to fill a seat.

Media Outreach

Chairman should be the chief messenger of the party.  This includes communicating the Party’s positions, ideas and opinions on current events through all media.


Chairman works with national election officials to ensure that primary elections are properly certified on the national level.   In the general election, chair also works with the lower-level party infrastructure in get-out-the-vote efforts.


Chairman is expected to be the chief fundraiser of the Party, headlining Green Tea Party events across the country for the national and local Party organizations.


  • Have extensive knowledge and understanding of federal, state and institutional regulations and policies and any ethical issues involved in the Party platform.
  • Be a respected member of the community, both within and outside the Party, who is able to act fairly and impartially in managing the Party activities in which it engages.
  • Able to use good interpersonal skills to build trust and to work effectively with the Party, leading meetings, focusing discussions and directing decision making in a timely but thorough manner.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills and highly respected ethical and moral values are essential traits for the qualified Party Chair.
  • Comfortable working in stressful and time-pressured conditions and be able to balance and explain the need for rapid and thorough deliberation and decision making.

Pay Range: DOE

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