President –, LLC

Company:, LLC
Location: Draper, UT/San Fransisco, CA/New York/Florida

Title: President
Job Description:
A new company called, LLC, founded by social entrepreneur Mike Mann ( is looking to hire a President. If you are a skilled Internet video and marketing expert with an entrepreneurial spirit, this may be a perfect fit for you. With help from Mike and the other companies and teams we manage, you will use your own business and internet knowledge to build the company from the ground up. You will be in charge of developing a brand and effectively building and running a company based on best practices from Mike’s book at and our site, plus a new business plan following the format.

The Company:, LLC is a video production company and consultancy firm that will offer services to businesses. You will have potential clients on day one to service like,, and However, developing a large skilled staff and a contingent of new business is the key to success in this position.

Education and Experience:
* B.A in Digital Media, Multimedia Production, Communications, Film/Video, Instructional Technology or a directly related field.
* 6-8 years of professional-level experience with complex audio/visual planning, design, development, and production.
* The ability to provide oversight for other producers on difficult or complex assignments.
* A strong understanding of web design, state-of-the-art digital media technology, and web media production processes.
* A strong understanding of the Internet and related technologies.
* Specific experience with web publishing and management of media assets.
* Excellent interpersonal abilities.
* Goal-oriented, action-focused, and self-disciplined.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Pay Range: DOE

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